Library Lending Policy
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Laon of Books:
Two books can be borrowed from the library at one time.
There is NO LENDING facility for reference books, Research Reports, Periodicals and Newspapers.

Book Reservation:
Any title in the lending section can be reserved in advance. Please make request at the Library Desk. Reserved books will held only for a limited time. Users are supposed to check and collect their reserved title themselves.

Renewal Of Books:

  • Books can be renewed in person or over telephone & E-mail.
  • Reserved book will not be renewed and has to be returned.

    Fine on late Books:
    A late fine will be charged if the books are beyond the due time.
  • Rs. 30/- per book per day.

    Replacement Cost:
  • Incase of damage, full price on the book will be charged.
  • Incase of loss, 200% price of the book will charged.

    Note: No marking, either in pencil, pen or highlighter allowed. The books will be inspected at the time of return.
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