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SZABIST Libraries hold a rich collection of Books, Journals, Magazines and a large number of resources which cover all subject areas.

Mission and Objectives

SZABIST LIBRARIES aim to encourage and support both academic and research activities of university students, researchers, faculty members and university staff by providing library and information services.

“Our mission is to excel in: collecting, preserving and access to the best educational resources; providing high quality, Innovative Services and creating a comfortable physical environment.”


  • Provide library services and resources in multiple formats that meet our user’s need.
  • To support teaching, learning and research by developing and promoting the systems that are useful in enhancing access to related information.
  • Reimaging the physical space of the library to better meet the demands of our students and faculty in the future.
  • Educate users about library’s services and resources.
  • Increase collaboration with students, faculty and staff.
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