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ZABLIS is a full-featured library system. It is Windows-based with simple point-and-click navigation; the system is easy and fun for library patrons and staff. SZABIST Library Information System is designed with a consistent, intuitive interface. You can explore the entire system with just a few mouse clicks, yet behind the simple interface lies a powerful database engine capable of maintaining millions of records.

ZABLIS is designed to meet the needs of all information seekers. Academic researchers can search the library collections. For the librarian, ZABLIS provides simple interfaces to catalog new books, manage patrons, create reports, and control reservations, fines and acquisitions.

Complete Support for libraries

  • One Master record for the entire Library Treasure
  • Search books, Members, Issue, Reserve history with a single mouse click
  • Automated fine calculation and reservation cancellation
  • Automated notifications of fine and reservation.
  • Apply configuration parameters to ZABLIS interfaces with a single mouse click

    Search Module (Five Search Engines)
    The Search module in ZABLIS comes equipped with five different search engines. Whether a novice user or an academic researcher, Search engine interface is friendly, yet very powerful. Engine can search either the local library with few mouse clicks. Search types include:
  • Simple: Search by title, author, sub author, price, year of publications, source, publisher, edition, and Accession number with a simple mouse click
  • Search for Library Treasure by clicking
  • Search for members by clicking
  • Search for books by clicking
  • Advanced Search using Boolean parameters and wild cards

    Circulation Module
    ZABLIS permits automatic notification of fine for materials or arrival of materials via e-mail. Librarians can perform almost any circulation task from one screen, including:
  • Check out
  • Check in
  • Reserve
  • Renew
  • Advance Booking
  • Quick cataloging while checking out books
  • Collect or waive full or partial fines
  • Renew all items checked out by a patron with a simple mouse click

    Web Module
    Members can make use of a wide variety of functions by logging in remotely via the World Wide Web. Members can:
  • Reserve
  • Update their personal profiles
  • Check Fine history
  • Search any library treasure
  • Request for new books for library to purchase

    Technical Features
  • Based on Relational database standards and protocols
  • Based on Microsoft SQL Server 2000+
  • Supports Windows 2000
  • Based on the latest .net technology from Microsoft
  • True 32-bit client/server applications
  • Unicode compliant
  • Security based on the Windows NT model
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