Disciplinary Rules
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  1. Group studies should be carried out in the study room/class rooms rather than in the Library.
  2. Membership of the library will be canceled/suspended of those student who will disturb silence of the library.
  3. Membership will be canceled for a minimum period of 20 days and this period can be increased at the discretion of the Librarian.
  4. A list of suspended library users will be displayed at the notice boards.
  5. All suspended library users will deposit their library cards during the period of suspension and will not be allowed to enter the library premises.
  6. "Groups Studies & Discussions" are not allowed in library Premises. A Fine of RS-200/= will be imposed & Suspended.
  7. Decision of librarian will be final.
To create a study environment in the library and maintain silence, we seek your cooperation.

  • Use of mobile phones in the library premises is prohibited.
  • Switch off your mobile phone before entering the Library.
  • A fine of Rs 300 will be imposed on using/ringing mobile phone in library premises.
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